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ОСЛ series transformer

Rated power:

0,25 kVA


8(9,5)*, 24, 28-110 V

Warranty period:

36 months


Single-phase, dry-type transformers are intended for power supply of control units in elevators of УКЛ series.

ОСЛ -0.25 series transformers (single-phase, dry-type, of 220/110/24/8 voltage, 0.25 kV.A power rating) are intended for use in control units of elevators. Transformers employ a strip-wound split-type magnetic core of cold-rolled electrical steel. Transformer coil is bobbin-type, made of copper wire with heat-resistant insulation. Assembled transformers are impregnated with wet-strong insulating varnish in a vacuum impregnator. Transformer terminal clamps are arranged on insulating plastic blocks. Terminal clamps of primary winding are capped by a cover. Winding connection/vector group – 1/1/1/1-0-0-0. Mass – no more than 4.2 kg.