Minsk Electrotechnical Plant named after V.I.Kozlov

About our Company

Today Minsk Electrotechnical Plant is a modern, dynamic enterprise which occupies a high position in the countrys economy. We produce a wide range of eclectic engineering equipment:power transformers: dry type (25 to 2500 kVA) and oil-filled (16 to 2500 kVA), unitized transformer substations (16 to 1600 kVA), multi-purpose transformers (up to 40 kVA), current transformers, cathodic protection devices.

The produced items meet ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-18001 International Quality Standards which guarantee their reliability and ecological safety.

The team of professionals constantly works on improvement of the products technical parameters and visual attractiveness, on their accord with the demands of today's users.


28 July 2016
Customs Unity Certificate of Conformity was received under number NTCBY/11202.01.002020.87 (serie BY 0042494) for cathode protection systems which testify their correspondence to requirements of 004/2011 (low voltage equipment safety) and 020/2011 (electromagnetic compatibility of technical facilities).
15 July 2016
Current transformers with rated primary current 10...500A and rated load 1 VA passed state checkout tests. Transformers were registered in Register of Measuring Equipment in the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation and could be used for energy accounting.

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