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ТМГ transformers


16 … 1250 kV·A


HV: 6 … 27.5 kV;

LV: 0.23 … 0.4 kV

Wiring diagrams and connection groups:




5 years


Three-phase oil transformers of a sealed version, without oil conservators, are intended for transforming of electric energy in networks of power systems and in energy consumer networks.

POWER DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMERS of Minsk Electrotechnical Plant Our enterprise produces transformers with rather wide consumer properties. As to the type our transformers are conventionally divided into two main groups: oil-immersd type and dry-type. They can be 10 to 2500 kVA as to power rating, single-phase and threephase, intended for cold, temperate or tropical climate, of any voltage class up to 35 kV inclusive, of various connection/vector groups . The transformers of Minsk Electrotechnical Plant produce meet IEC standards, as well as seismic resistance special requirements under earthquakes of 9 magnitude as to МSК-64 scale. The transformers for electric drives of immersion pumps for oil wells are on serial production, their design being constantly upgraded. To solve problems of the electric energy quality under asymmetric loads the Plant has mastered production of the transformers equipped with balancers, of 25 to 250 kVA power rating. To reduce transformer operational costs and to apply a more optimum economical alternative of energy supply for various demands the Plant has created the transformer series with varying relationship between no-load and short-circuit losses.