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ТСМ series transformer

Rated power:

1,6; 2,5 и 4,0 kVA


220, 380 V

Warranty period:

36 months


Three-phase, dry-type, multifunctional transformers, rating up to 1,0 kVA, are intended for power supply of rectifying circuits, of semiconductor converters in machining units, of electric tools, and of other current-using devices in general-purpose electric installations.

TCM series transformers (three-phase, dry-type, multifunctional) rating 0.16…1.0 kV.A, are designed to be connected to three-phase networks for supplying reduced voltage to rectifying circuits, to semiconductor converters of machines and elevators, to electric tools, and to other current-using devices in general-purpose electric installations.

Primary winding voltage – 220, 380 V, secondary winding voltage – from 12 to 220 V. Winding connection/vector group – DYn-11. Transformers are designed for indoor operation, under cold, moderate or tropical climatic conditions. Transformers are resistant to mechanical impacts of acceleration max.: – 1g within 0.5-55 Hz frequency range for up to 0.63 kV. A (inclusive) ratings (mounted in any desirable mounting position); – 0.5g within 0.5-35 Hz frequency range for 1.0 kV. A rating (if mounted in horizontal position). Transformers employ a strip-wound split-type magnetic core with coils of copper wire. Transformer assemblies are impregnated with insulating varnish in a vacuum impregnator.