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ОСС series transformer

Rated power:

0,04 – 0,25 kVA


from 24 to 220 V

Warranty period:

36 months


Single-phase, dry-type transformers, rating up to 0,25 kVA, are intended for power supply of control and signaling circuits of electrical devices on ships of marine or river craft.

OCC series transformers (single-phase, dry-type, for watercraft applications), rating 0.04…0.25 kV.A, are intended for supplying power to control and signalling circuits of electrical devices on ships of marine or river craft. Transformers are designed to be connected to a.c. networks of 50, 60 Hz frequency, with 220, 380, 440 or 690 V primary voltage and 24 to 220 V secondary voltage. Transformers are designed to be incorporated into splash-protected, waterproof units and they are operable under: – ambient temperature – from -40 to +60o C – relative air humidity – up to 98% at 40o C Transformers stay operable under repetitive ship oscillatory motions of up to 45o . Transformers are resistant to vibration and they withstand impact loads of 5g acceleration. Structurally transformers employ a strip-wound shell core, split-type, and coils of copper wire. Coil and transformer assemblies are impregnated with moisture-proof insulating varnish in a vacuum impregnator. Live parts of transformer terminal clamps are capped by plastic covers with openings provided for external wires lead-in.