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Unitized TS of КТППН series

Rated power:

100; 250 kVA


6 (10) kV

Warranty period:

3 years


rating 100-250 kV.A, with a voltage 6(10) kV

КТППН series unitized transformer substations for immersion electric pumps are designed for energy supply, control and protection of electric motors for immersion electric pumps rating 16 _ 125 kW, on separate oil wells. Substations can be operated under moderate and cold climatic conditions (from – 60o C to +40o C). If required, they can be used for power supply of electric motors for pumping jacks with load current up to 60 A. HV lead-in is of air (overhead) type, 0.4 kV outgoing lines are of cable type. КТП are equipped with interlockings providing safety of attending personnel. КТП is furnished with a facility allowing to roll in/roll out a power transformer. КТП are equipped with plug-and-socket connectors and switches for connecting current collectors of 380 V three-phase voltage with load current to 60 A, and of 220 V single-phase voltage with current to 40 A. КТППН substations to be installed on tamped sites or on footings.