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ТМГ33 transformers (energy-saving)


63 … 630 kV·A


HV: 6 … 10 kV

LV: 0.4 kV

Wiring diagrams and connection groups:



5 years


This series of transformers was developed in accordance with the standards of PJSC ROSSETI STO 34.01-3.2-011-2017 “Power distribution transformers 6-10 kV with a capacity of 63-2500 kV∙A.  Requirements for the level of idle and short circuit losses. ”  The level of losses of idling and short circuit in this series of transformers corresponds to the energy efficiency class X2K2.  The energy efficiency class X2K2 satisfies the requirements of Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 17, 2015 No. 600 “On approval of the list of facilities and technologies that relate to facilities and technologies of high energy efficiency”.

Solving topical issues of energy saving, we offer new ТМГ33 transformers with a capacity of 63 … 630 kV·A. This series of transformers has been developed in accordance with the standards of OJSC “ROSSETI” one HUNDRED 34.01-3.2-011- 2017 “power Transformers, switchgear 6 … 10 kV power 63 … 2500 kV·A. requirements for the level of load losses and short circuit.” The level of load losses and short-circuit this series transformer meets the energy efficiency class Х2К2. Energy efficiency class meets Х2К2 the regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation from 17.06.2015 № 600 “On approval of the list of facilities and technologies that relate to the objects and technologies high energy efficiency”.

Three-phase oil transformers ТМГ33 designed to convert electric power in networks of power systems and electricity consumers in terms of external or internal installation moderate (from plus 40 to minus 45 °C) or cold (from plus 40 to minus 60 oC) climate. Environment not explosive, not containing dust concentrations, reducing harmful products in the range. Transformers are not designed to work in the conditions of shaking, vibration, blows, in a chemically active environment. Installation height above sea level not over 1000 m.

Winding low-voltage transformers of this series are made not of aluminum wires and aluminum foil that combines the ease of winding with a high level of reliability.

Nominal frequency of 50 Hz. Voltage regulation is done within the range of ± 5% on the transformer completely disconnected switching winding taps in steps of 2.5 %.

According to GOST 11677, limit deviations technical parameters of transformers are: short-circuit voltage ±10%; losses of short circuit on the main branch +10%; no load losses +15%; total weight +10%.

To control the level of oil in transformers is provided the oil sight glass, float type.

To prevent excessive pressure in the tank is over the allowable in transformers installed safety valve.

To control the internal pressure in the tank and alarm in case of excess of limit values in transformers placed in the premises, it is envisaged according to customer requirements installation of electrocontact pressure-vacuum gauge.

To measure the temperature of the upper layers of oil on the lid of the transformers provided a sleeve for installing a liquid-in-glass thermometer, in which the transformers are completed according to customer requirements.

To measure the temperature of top oil layer and control of external electrical circuits transformers are intended for operation indoors or under a canopy, according to customer requirements equipped with signaling thermometer gauge.

The inlets and outlets of a neutral winding of the LV transformer is rated for continuous load current equal to 100% of the rated current of LV winding.

The transformers are equipped with transport rollers (63, 100 and 160 kV·A – on request of the consumer) to move the transformer in the longitudinal and transverse directions.