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Europe's largest manufacturer of electrical equipment


Our own design-engineering, production, research, test and experimental bases for this field of technology allow us to implement modern solutions and materials in design of our products.
We use special technological equipment of the highest class from companies of world renown: “ALSTOM”, “GEORG”, “YAKASAVA”

Manufacturer of electrical equipment since 1956


Modern production base, unique technologies, a high level of design development, more than 60 years of production experience, the stability of the workforce make it possible to ensure that the customer’s requirements are met both in terms of the design and in terms of the climatic design of the product.

Compliance with international standards ISO 9001, ISO-14 001, ISO-17 025 and ISO 18 001


Quality Management System, the environmental management system and the labor protection management system are certified by the international certification body - DEKRA, Germany and the national certification body - BelGISS - for compliance with ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015 and STB 18001-2009.
Power transformers meet international standards



UTS with a capacity of up to 630 kVA in a galvanized enclosure are designed and put into production.


On March 1, 2019 in Vilnius, a major contract between OJSC "METP NAMED AFTER V.I. KOZLOV" and UAB "Ekobana"(Lithuania) was signed.


OJSC "METP NAMED AFTER V.I.KOZLOV" created all the conditions for direct sales.