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I am glad to welcome our regular customers and those who only make the choice of a reliable supplier of electrical equipment! Welcome to the Minsk Electrotechnical Plant named after Vasily Ivanovich Kozlov! First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest in our company. Let me describe in a few words the activities we have been doing for over 60 years. We produce complex electrical products, implement complex and labor-intensive projects: power transformers of standard and non-standard designs, complete transformer substations in any design for the national economy, railways, oil and gas production, transportation of oil and gas, equipment of nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric stations. We ALWAYS approach each client individually. Specialists and designers, whose experience most closely corresponds to the tasks set work with each of our clients . Working together they first develop  task into a concept, then it develops into an individual order. We do everything to turn every project into reality. Starting from the design stage of the order questionnaires, we assist our clients in solving many related issues: the optimal choice of a transformer, the manufacture specifically for your needs of complete transformer substations and low-voltage complete devices, installations and converters of cathodic protection of underground metal structures to transportation to the site and assembly and commissioning. We constantly improve our skills, improve the skills and skills of our employees, and in each order we draw a large number of new ideas for their implementation in subsequent works. We always learn from our customers. I express special gratitude and appreciation to our customers for their trust and joint painstaking work in order coordination, prompt resolution of many important issues in the design and production process. Thank you for the growth and development of our friendly team and, in general, the Minsk Electrotechnical Plant named after VI. Kozlov! Turning to those who are only planning to purchase electrical products, we invite you to our enterprise — we will show you all the advantages of our design and production technologies at all stages of this interesting and fascinating process of making complex electrical products.

With respect and confidence in further mutually beneficial cooperation,


Alexandr Mikhailovich Radevich

SINCE 1956

production of distribution transformers


manufacturer of electrical equipment


engineering school


technology and high level of engineering development