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Product shipment

The enterprise has the ability to organize and ensure delivery of cargo by the following modes of transport in the shortest possible time:

  • by rail (platforms, containers);
  • by road (transport of the supplier, buyer or third-party organizations). In the case of shipment by the customer’s transport, it must meet the following requirements: be able to top loading, have a wooden flooring of the trailer floor;
  • other types of transport (sea transportation, air transportation, etc.).

For all types of transportation, services are provided for customs clearance, contract insurance, cargo and transportation. For products supplied by the plant, customs clearance is not required on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The enterprise is included in the register of authorized economic operators (Certificate No. UO-0600/0000325). Customs clearance of export cargo is carried out electronically in the shortest possible time without entering the customs clearance point (PTO). You can purchase products from our company or through our dealer network.

Contact information:

Enterprise dealers

Valeri Kanash — shipment of power equipment

phone/fax: (+375 17) 398-89-36

Vladimir Mojeyko — issues of shipment of multipurpose transformers up to 10 kVA and non-core products

phone: (+375 17) 355-56-11, 246-15-62

Aleksey Moroz — head of logistics department

phone: (+375 17) 354-89-41

Pavel Kolchin — responsible for registration of delivery by road

phone: (+375 17) 246-16-77

Vecheslav Tikhonov — responsible for registration of delivery by rail

phone: (+375 17) 373-25-15

Aleksandra Gorbach — head of the customs clearance bureau

phone: (+375 17) 374-86-39