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Unitized TS of terminal type (КТПТ)

Rated power:

1000 kVA


6 или 10 kV

Warranty period:

3 years


rating 630 and 1000 kV.A, with a voltage 6(10) kV

Unitized transformer substations are intended to receive electric energy of 6 (10) kV, to convert it and to distribute at 0.4 kV voltage. КТП is designed for energy supply of separate populated localities and industrial units in moderate climatic conditions (from – 45o C to +40o C). HV leading-in is of air (overhead) or of cable type, 0.4 kV outlets are of cable or of air/cable type. ÊÒÏ outgoing lines are fitted wifh stationary automatic circuit-breakers. Circuit design provides metering of active and reactive energy, it also provides heating function to establish and maintain normal operating conditions for low-voltage switchgear. Circuit design allows installation of a protective gas device and of a filledsystem thermometer (as per customer’s demand). КТП has exterior lighting feeder wifh automatic ON/OFF function. КТП is equipped wifh electrical and mechanical interlocking ensuring safety of attending personnel. Number of outgoing lines and current thereof can vary – as per customer’s demand. Connection/vector group of a transformer – Yyn-0, Dyn-11.