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ТМПН and ТМПНГ transformers with primary voltage of 0,38kV


63 … 1200 kV·A


5 years


Three-phase oil transformers with a primary voltage of 0.38 kV are designed to convert electricity as part of the electrical power supply of submersible electric oil production pumps.

ТМПН, ТМПНГ series three-phase oil transformers of 0.38 kV primary voltage are intended for transforming of electric energy being incorporated into power units for supply of immersible electric pumps for crude petroleum extraction.

Transformers are designed for operation under conditions of moderate (+ 40 oC to -45 oC) or cold (+40 oC to -60 oC) climate.

**Transformers may be operated as part of a frequency-regulated drive. In such an application harmonic filters should be provided between the frequency converter and the transformer. In operation under frequency lower than nominal the law U/f = const should be followed, and under frequency higher than nominal the law U = const should be followed.

Further specifications and operation conditions for these transformers are provided as to a Customer’s request.

Transformers are assigned for inexplosive environments excluding dust content that could affect transformer parameters to inadmissible limits. Transformers are not assigned either for operation under jolting, vibration, or impact effects, or in chemically active environments. Operable altitude elevation above sea level is not more than 1000 m.

Rated frequency: 50 Hz. Voltage regulation is carried out with a fully de-energized transformer (power-off changing).

ТМПН transformers are equipped with oil-conservators, their interior is in contact with surrounding air.

ТМПНГ transformers are of a sealed version, they have either goffer tanks or rigid (even-faced) tanks carrying no oil-conservators. Temperature induced changes of oil volume with goffer tanks are neutralized due to volume changes in the tank goffers owing to their flexible deformability. Temperature induced changes of oil volume with even-faced tanks are neutralized due to an “air-cushion”.

LV- and HV-bushings are protected with housings. Protection degree: IP 13.

Transformer design provides cable type of voltage lead-in/lead-out and ensures reliable cable connection not demanding soldering of cable tags.

To make measurements of top oil temperature transformers are fitted with a pocket for liquid-filled thermometer mounting.

For convenient moving while in use ТМПН and ТМПНГ transformers of up to 400 kV·A rating are fitted with sleds.

To prevent unsanctioned draining of oil ТМПН and ТМПНГ transformers with rigid (even-faced) tanks have got a protected drain plug.