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“Energy Saving is an Essential Condition for Innovative AIC”

17 january 2020

The plant’s specialists took an active part in the International Scientific and Technical Conference “Energy Saving is an Essential Condition for the Innovative Belarusian Agricultural Complex”. Design engineer Dmitry Kazak spoke in the section “Energy supply for the agro-industrial complex” with the report “Energy-saving transformers in agriculture”.

Dmitry Kazak



The improvement of fuel and energy awareness is one of the main prerequisites for the economic growth of agricultural enterprises. By reducing energy losses in distribution networks, as well as using energy-saving equipment, tangible financial results can be achieved. In addition, the use of advanced technologies is an image step of agricultural companies operating in world markets.

OJSC “METP NAMED AFTER V.I.KOZLOV” introduced to the market the innovative lines of transformers of ТМГ32 and ТМГ33  sesies meeting strict European standards for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in 2019.

TMG33 transformers provide one of the smallest levels of no-load and short-circuit losses  among the power transformers commercially available in the CIS. So, in comparison with the transformers of the previous model TMG21 (most often used in the CIS), in the transformers TMG33 it was possible to reduce no-load losses by 25-30%, as well as short circuit losses  by 10-20% depending on power.

Even with a load factor of 0.5 and a maximum load of 2000 hours, the TMG33 transformer with a capacity of 1000 kVA will save more than 4000 kWh per year compared to a similar TMG21 transformer  (Table 1) . Using the reduced tariff for the production needs of agricultural enterprises of 0.19888 BYN / kWh, the costs associated with paying for electricity losses are reduced by 800 BYN / year, and with a load factor of 0.9, the reduction will be more than 1250 BYN / year.

The use of better materials in the TMG33 transformer and structural features compared to the TMG21 series transformers led to an increase in the cost  by 30%, while  an increase in cost of the energy saving TMG32 transformer was 9.9%  in comparison with the TMG21.

Despite the increase in investment, the difference in the cost of transformers can be compensated in 2-6 years (Figure 1), and given the life of the transformer of 25 years, the savings in electricity costs will be comparable to the cost of the transformer.

Fig. 1. Dependence of the payback period of additional investments on transformers TMГ32 and TMГ33 in relation to transformers TMГ21, depending on the average load.

Taking into account the global trend to fight against global warming, when choosing a transformer in agriculture it is important to consider the effect on greenhouse gas emissions. Replacing  of 1000 TMГ21 transformers with energy-saving TMГ33 even with reduced operating characteristics will create an energy-saving effect of more than 490 tons of standard fuel, which is equivalent to reducing greenhouse gases by more than 800 tons per year, thus a reduction of 20 thousand tons over 25 years.


Thus, the use of energy-efficient transformers in agriculture of the Republic of Belarus is economically feasible, and use of the optimal operating mode will allow not only to achieve additional savings, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.