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ОСМ1 series transformer



Rated power:

from 115 to 660 V

Warranty period:

36 months


Single-phase, dry-type, multi-purpose transformers, rating up to 4,0 kVA, are intended for power supply of control circuits, of local lighting circuits, of signaling and automation circuits.

OCM1 series transformers (single-phase, dry-type, multifunctional) rating 0.063-4.0 kV. A, with primary winding voltage from 115 to 660 V and with secondary winding voltage from 12 to 260 V, are intended for power supply of control circuits, of local lighting circuits, as well as of signalling and automation circuits. Transformers are designed for indoor operation, under moderate, cold or tropical climatic conditions. Transformers are resistant to impact loads of acceleration up to 8g and to vibratory loads within 10 to 60 Hz frequency range of maximum acceleration of 2g. Transformers of 1.6, 2.5, 4.0 kV. A rating are installed in horizontal position and those of up to 1 kVA (inclusive) both in horizontal and vertical positions. Transformers of the same type but of varying climatic versions are identical as to all electrical parameters, overall and mounting dimensions and differ only in protective coating. Transformers employ a strip-wound split-type magnetic core of cold-rolled electrical steel. Transformer coils are bobbin-type, made of copper wire with heat-resistant insulation. Assembled transformers are impregnated with wet-strong insulating varnish in a vacuum impregnator. Transformer terminal clamps are set on insulating plastic blocks. Terminal clamps may be made of IP20 protection degree (with demountable covers). Transformers have reinforced insulation which provides better safety in maintenance and they feature enhanced resistance to network overvoltage. As under a Customer’s order the Plant may manufacture transformers with connections and voltages differing from those given in the Table below.