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Unitized TS of КТПНД series

Rated power:

630 kVA


6 (10) kV

Warranty period:

3 years


rating 40-100 kV.A and 400-630 kV.A, with a voltage 6(10) kV

КТПНД substations for oil production are for outdoor installation and are intended to receive power frequency electric energy of 6(10) kV to convert it into 0.4 kV for power supply under moderate climatic conditions (from -45o C to +40o C). Substations are designated for energy supply of oil production wells as well as of other industrial units. КТПНД delivery set includes HV disconnecting switch which is to be installed on the nearest transmission line tower. High voltage lead-in is of air (overhead) type, 0.4 kV outgoing lines are of cable type. КТПНД is equipped with interlockings ensuring safety of attending personnel.