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Unitized TS of КТП-04 type and КТПР type

Rated power:

from 25 to 250 kVA


0,4 (0,23) kV

Warranty period:

3 years


rating 25-250 kV.A, with a voltage 6(10) kV

КТП-99 and КТПР are one-transformer substations of terminal type for outdoor installation and are intended to receive electric energy _ three-phase, 50 Hz a.c. of 6 or 10 kV, to convert it into 0.4 kV for energy supply in moderate climatic conditions (from -45o C to +40o C). To switch substation into power network a disconnecting switch is used (included into КТП delivery set). Outgoing feeders are fitted with stationary automatic circuit-breakers (in КТП-99) or knife-switches with arc chutes (in КТПР ). Number of outgoing lines and current thereof may be selected as per customer’s demand.