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ТМГ11 transformers


100 … 2500 kV·A


HV: 6 … 35 kV

LV: 0.23 … 0.4 kV

Wiring diagrams and connection groups:



5 years


Three-phase oil-immesrsed transformers of a sealed version, without oil conservators, are intended for transforming of electric energy in networks of power systems and in energy consumer networks. Neutral bushing of LV side of the transformer is designed for continuous load current equal to 100% of rated current of the LV winding.


TMG11 three-phase oil transformers are designed to convert electricity in the networks of power systems and electricity consumers in an outdoor or indoor installation of moderate (from plus 40 to minus 45 °C) or cold (from plus 40 to minus 60 °C).  The environment is non-explosive, does not contain dust in concentrations that reduce the parameters of products in unacceptable limits.  Transformers are not designed to work in conditions of shaking, vibration, shock, in a chemically active environment.  Installation height above sea level no more than 1000 m. Rated frequency of 50 Hz.  Voltage regulation is carried out in the range of up to ± 5% on a completely disconnected transformer by switching the branches of the HV winding in steps of 2.5.

According to GOST 11677, the maximum deviations of the technical parameters of the transformers are: short-circuit voltage ± 10%;  short circuit loss on the main branch + 10%;  loss of idling + 15%;  gross weight + 10%.

TMG11 transformers of tight execution, without oil conservators.  Temperature changes in the oil volume are compensated by a change in the volume of the tank corrugations due to their elastic deformation.  To control the oil level in the transformers, a float type oil indicator is provided.  To control the internal pressure in the tank and alarm if it exceeds the permissible values ​​in transformers with a capacity of 100 kV·A and higher, placed in the room, it is provided (by customer order) to install an electrocontact manovacuum meter.  To measure the temperature of the upper layers of oil on the transformer cover, a sleeve is provided for installing a liquid glass thermometer.  Liquid glass thermometers are equipped with transformers by customer order.  To measure the temperature of the upper layers of oil and control external electrical circuits, transformers with a capacity of 630 … 2500 kV·A, designed for operation in a room or under a canopy, are equipped with a manometer signaling thermometer by customer order.  The neutral inlets and outlets of the LV transformer windings are designed for continuous load with a current equal to 100% of the rated voltage of the LV transformer winding.  Transformers with a power of 250 … 2500 kV·A are equipped with transport rollers for moving the transformer in the longitudinal and transverse directions.  Transformers with a capacity of 160 kV·A voltage classes 10 and 15 kV are equipped with transport rollers by order of the consumer.  When installing transport rollers, the sizes H, H1 (see table) increase by 94 mm in transformers with a power of 160 … 400 kV·A.