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ОМ, ОМП, ОМГ transformers


0.25 … 10 kV·A


HV: 3…27.5 kV

LV: 0.08 … 0.23 kV

Wiring diagrams and connection groups:



5 years


Single-phase oil transformers are intended for transforming of electric energy in networks of power systems, for power supply of railroad electric equipment and of other electric power consumers.

Single-phase oil transformers OM, OMP, OMG types are intended for electric power conversion in power systems networks, power supply of electric equipment of railways and other single-phase electric consumers.

Transformers are designed to operate in moderate (from plus 40 to minus 45 °C), cold or moderately cold (from plus 40 to minus 60 °C) climate.

The environment is non-explosive, does not contain dust in concentrations that reduce the parameters of products in unacceptable limits.  Installation height above sea level no more than 1000 m.

Scheme and group of compounds 1/1-0.  Rated frequency 50 Hz.  The voltage regulation of transformers is carried out on a completely disconnected transformer by switching the branches of the windings.  VL side voltage regulation limits:

  • for transformers OMP from plus 5% to minus 2×5%
  • for transformers OM-1.25 / 10, OM – 2.5 / 10 ± 5%
  • for transformers OM-2.5 / 27.5, OM-4 / 27.5 ± 2 x 2.5%
  • for OMG transformers, the nominal branch voltage at idle is 27,500 – 26,250 – 25,000 V.

According to GOST 11677, the maximum deviations of the technical parameters of the transformers are: short-circuit voltage ± 10%;  short circuit loss on the main branch + 10%;  loss of idling + 15%;  gross weight + 10%.