Minsk Electrotechnical Plant named after V.I.Kozlov


The history of creation and development of the eclectic engineering plant was to a certain extent typical for many enterprises of that time. Enormous work on the restoration of cities and villages, the rise of industry of the Republic was expanding after the end of the World War II. Important role was given to the electrification of the country.

For high-capacity development of power engineering, electrical equipment was needed. And in order to create it a new enterprise was necessary.

The construction of the plant started in 1953. Having solved the problem of the shortage of building materials, of experienced labor, the plant released its first transformers as early as in 1956.

For decades we have been manufacturing electric engineering equipment. Constantly increasing its output the plant became a monopolist in the field of power transformers production, earned acknowledgment on the internal and international markets.

Our enterprise managed to deservingly overcome difficulties which arose after collapse of the USSR: design and production base was reinforced; new types of products were mastered, with their characteristics brought close to the world level; the personnel was retrained to operate under the market conditions.

Today Minsk Electrotechnical Plant is a modern, dynamic enterprise which occupies a high position in the countrys economy. We produce a wide range of eclectic engineering equipment:


oil-immersed and dry-type power transformers up to 3200 kVA

for feeding immersion pumps up to 1200 kVA

 multi-purpose transformers (up to 40 kVA)

 current transformers

unitized substations

for control of oil and gas production

for thermal treatment of soil and concrete

for industrial and agricultural plants

, cathodic protection devices

The produced items meet ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-18001 International Quality Standards which guarantee their reliability and ecological safety.

The team of professionals constantly works on improvement of the products technical parameters and visual attractiveness, on their accord with the demands of today's users.